Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neon Nail Polish

This season’s attractive neon style colours are not only for sunglasses! Limited Edition Neon Nail Polish by American Apparel can be found in 6 sexy colors including violet, green, yellow, and super-cool orange. In case colour is not enough to incite your curiosity (and screams), have in mind that AA nail lacquers are thick and usually more chip resistant and harder when compared to standard nail polish – therefore, they are fresher for a longer period of time. True to this brand’s main philosophy, this nail polish is Made in US. And for all of you animal-rights-conscious buyers out there, this neon nail polish isn’t tested on animals. Also, it is DBP (vitamin D binding protein), formaldehyde & toluene-free. The limited, to only two thousand bottles of each colour, these lacquers will not break the bank. They are quite cheap.