Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neon Nail Polish

This season’s attractive neon style colours are not only for sunglasses! Limited Edition Neon Nail Polish by American Apparel can be found in 6 sexy colors including violet, green, yellow, and super-cool orange. In case colour is not enough to incite your curiosity (and screams), have in mind that AA nail lacquers are thick and usually more chip resistant and harder when compared to standard nail polish – therefore, they are fresher for a longer period of time. True to this brand’s main philosophy, this nail polish is Made in US. And for all of you animal-rights-conscious buyers out there, this neon nail polish isn’t tested on animals. Also, it is DBP (vitamin D binding protein), formaldehyde & toluene-free. The limited, to only two thousand bottles of each colour, these lacquers will not break the bank. They are quite cheap.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Newspapers Nails: Cool Nail Art

Sick and tired of the standard old nail polish? Now you can spice up your nails with these ultra-stylish Cute Polish’s newspaper nails and rock the latest headlines in style. Newspaper ink rubbing off on the hands is no new thing and this process is as simple - everything you will require is alcohol (for example tequila, gin or some other clear spirits) and top coat, scissors, pale nail polish colour, nail polish base coat and (it goes without saying) newspaper. The video tutorial (check it out below) was created by – you guess - Cute Polish, a very popular YouTube channel with many truly great how to nail guides. To get newspaper nails, pour your tequila in a glass and cut tiny newspaper pieces big enough to cover a nail. Next, use the base coat, polish & varnish, and as soon as the nails are all nice and dry, soak them in the tequila. Then cover them with tiny newspaper pieces and slowly remove the paper. When it dries, use a layer of top coat and you are ready to go!  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Essie Nail Polish

The Braziliant Collection by Essie Cosmetics, the brand’s truly amazing collection of colour-popping nail polish, is on the market and in time for wild beach parties! This Essie Cosmetics’ line includes several cool shades of beautifully bright nail polish. The vibrant colours of this line include a couple of different coral infused hues, a sexy red, a sea foam green, a lush lavender and a fierce fuchsia which will highlight your tan! And the price - only eight dollars for one bottle! The very best way to add some fashionable colour to your outfit this summer. It goes without saying - the brand has given each colour from this line a fun and unusual name, for example Meet Me at Sunset and Too Too Hot. And how would you name your nail polish?